Junior Competition News

Junior Pennant 2016

Congratulations to George Batziakis and James Rankin who took their Eastern Region team to the finals of Junior Pennant.

Players at the highest level of Eastern Region Tennis, can be selected to represent the region in Junior Pennant.

The teams play other regions from Bayside to Barwon and many of the players are tournament players with Australian rankings.

George and James have played for South Hawthorn for several years and this was their first season of junior pennant in the under 14 section.

Their team finished 2nd at the end of the home and away season, qualifying for the Grand Final.

They had a great match but finished just short.

They look pretty happy with their efforts though!

We look forward to seeing their progress through the year before they play pennant again next year.

The last 2 boys from South Hawthorn to play Junior Pennant went on to win our senior Club Championship!

Just sayin’!


George Batziakis 2nd from left and James Rankin 2nd from right

Winter 2016 Finals

Congratulations to our JDC2 team who won their Grand Final over Canterbury.

Jaqui Katz, Finn Moran, William Ashley and Madeline Williams made the finals by just half a point!

But they won the final convincingly  6-2, 4-4, 5-3


Congratulations to our Saturday Junior Boys Team who are Premiers after beating Wantirna in the Eastern Region,  Winter 2016, Junior Boys Section 8.

Our team finished 2nd on the Ladder and had lost their previous 2 matches to the top team Wantirna.

The boys had 2 practice sessions in the week leading in to the final which reflected their motivation to beat the top team.

The final was tense with many long rallies and the parents watching on appeared more nervous than our boys, who showed great composure

and maturity beyond their years by winning 5 sets to 3 and 40 games to 35.

Five of our boys had never played competition before and they ranged from 10 to 12 years of age

Congratulations to Ethan Carrick Sam Bowman James Johnston Liam Greening James Moore & Tom Rush


Winter 2014 Award presentations

Last Sunday Junior Convenor Dylan Edgley ran the presentation day for our competition Junior players.

Winners of the Most Valuable Player for each team were awarded and the major trophies of the Bascomb Trophy for girls and the Don Mann Trophy for boys were presented.

MVP Players

BSD 1                Luka Kanat

BSD 3                Aaron D’Arcy

BSD 4                Jamie Orelowitz

BSD 5                George Batziakis

BSD 6                James Jones

GSD 1                Rachel Wong

GSD 3 Green      Marianna Simonetto

GSD 3 Blue        Emily Chambers

GSD 5                Lauren Bernabe

OR 2                  Rachel Brookes

JDC Green            Sophie Siddons

JDC Blue            Marcus Edgley

Bascomb Trophy

Sarah Louey

Don Mann Trophy

Sam Cohen

Winter 2014 Finals

GSD 3 Green, bring home the pennant.

Congratulations to the girls of GSD 3 who won their Grand Final 4 sets to 2, 33 games to 31.

Their final included 3 tie break sets, all of which they won including a tie break in the final set.

What an awesome effort.


BSD 5 Home in a nail biter.

http://www.southhawthorntennisclub.com/_/rsrc/1410846939661/competition-news/BSD%205.jpg?height=330&width=400  Spare a thought for the parents of BSD 5 boys who played in their Winter tennis Grand Final last Sunday.

While the boys were out having fun, their parents were on the edge of their seats at Doncaster Tennis Club, chewing their nails and pacing up and down, as the match played out to a deciding tie break.

WIn the last set and they win the pennant, lose and they are runners up.

Thomas Coulter and George Batziakis took to the court, far less nervous than their parents and fought right to the end, in the 2 & 3 doubles set.

They played great tennis and triumphed in the tie break. Meanwhile #1 player Nick Howard with an injured knee, had his own fight in the #1 singles, but there was nothing more he could do than cheer them on at that stage.

For George it was just another close set for the day, having already won a tie breaker in the #3 singles set, while Thomas and Nick had won 7-5 in the 1 & 2 doubles.

All in all a fantastic day for the boys, their parents and South Hawthorn.

10/9/14    Last Sunday South Hawthorn had 6 teams take part in Semi Final action.

The girls of GSD 1 finished 4th at the end of the season and took on Deepdene in their semi. Yamina Perry, Claire Bernabe, Sarah Louey and Rachel Wong went down fighting 5 sets to 1.

The boys of BSD 5 finished 4th and took on top team Box Hill in their Semi. With Will Kearney out with a broken wrist the team of Thomas Coulter, Nicholas Howard and George Baziakis won their semi in a very close result, 3 sets all and 29 games to 26.

The boys of BSD 6 finished 4th and played top team St Francis Xavier. Nicholas Chan, Tyson Doan, Alex Liaw, James Jones and Marc Johnson lost their match 4 sets to 2.

Last but not least was our only home final between our GSD3 Green team and our Blue team. In the spirit we would all hope for from our club, the girls played great tennis and the Green team came out on top.

The green team of Marianna Simonetto, Lauren Wong, Emily Goodrich and Claudia Jones won 5 sets to 1 against the blue team of Isabella McDonald, Emily Chambers, Amelia Zhu and Annabel Tran.

Before the match I received the following message from one of the parents, Angelo Simonetto, ” The GSD3 South Hawthorn girls are very special, as half of each team were the premiers last season and it has been a joy to see the two teams develop to the standard that they are at now and it speaks for itself that both teams ( Green and Blue ) have made it to the semi finals.” Then the team captain from the blue team, Hong Jian Zhu, replied, ” Totally agree with Angelo. Indeed it is a very special semi final for GSD3. We all are looking forward to some exciting matches.”


GSD 3 Green and Blue Teams

When you ask our junior committee ( Dylan Edgley, Sue Davey and John Best ) what constitutes a successful season for the club, the answer will have nothing to do with pennants won and everything to do with friendships, leadership and fun. Messages from parents like those above certainly make our efforts worthwhile.

As a club we love seeing teams finishing 4th, we know the kids have been challenged during the season and will get the fun of experiencing finals. It’s not something we can easily control, but we work very hard to try and balance teams, mix up friends so kids get to meet others from the club and are challenged to improve their game.

This is a difficult juggling task and one taken very seriously. You get an idea of how hard it is, when you get a phone call from Sue Davey, 4 days after all the teams are decided and you have sent off the entries to the region.

Sue says, I think we can make it better if we can get one more girl for GSD 4, then if we move one of the girls up to section 2 and drop another down to section 5, then if we split the boys in section 2 into two teams and put one of them up to section 1 and we get another 2 boys for JDC, then the teams will be much better balanced. It doesn’t always work out, but we try.

Good luck to our Grand Final teams and we look forward to a fun and successful Summer season.


27/3/14        Last Sunday saw the Grand Finals of the Junior Summer season. We had 4 teams playing Grand Finals. The girls of GSD 4 Green, were tied after the end of their match, so they had to go back on court for a tie breaker, which they managed to win. An awesome effort by Claudia Jones, Marianna Simmonetto, Isabella McDonald and Amelia Zhu.


The boys of BSD 7 lost their final by just one game. A great effort by Jamie Orelowitz, David Gold, Ben Georgakis, Tom Coulter and Henry Sutton.


Our JDC 1 Green team also finished their match in a tie, but lost the deciding tie breaker, well done to Tyson Doan, Will Kearney, Oliver Iser, Nicholas Chan and James Jones.

The Boys of BSD 6 lost their final by just 4 games. A great season for Jacques El HElou, James Rankin, Joshua Salloum and Alex Xing.



3/3/14    The home and away matches for the Summer season are now complete and we are waiting for confirmation of final ladders and Semi Final venues.

3/9/13    We had 4 teams take part in Grand Finals on the weekend and came home with 2 pennants in 4 close matches.

Congratulations to our Saturday BSD16 team which got us off to a great start winning their match 4 sets to 2, 40 games to 26. Tom Hunt, Nick O’Sullivan, Paul Morris, Aaron D’Arcy, Nick Howard and Matthew Sango, had a great season finishing top and taking out the Grand Final.

Our GSD 2 team of Hayley Chan, Yamina Perry, Sarah Louey and Claire Bernabe finished 2nd after the home and away and won their final 4 sets to 2. Coming to the last 2 sets they were just 1 game ahead but won the last 2 sets convincingly.

GSD 3 were not quite as lucky, with Rachel Wong, Alyssa Marino, Rebecca Furlan, Phoebe Gibson and Lauren Wong ahead after 4 sets but couldn’t hold down and went down to Willison Park 4 sets to 2 and 25 games to 30.

The boys of BSD 7 are super keen and getting better each season after cutting their teeth in JDC they almost won the Pennant this season.

Jacques El Helou, James Orelowitz, Joshua Salloum, James Rankin and Alexander Xing played some great tennis and we look forward to them competing for the Don Mann Trophy in a few years time.

South Hawthorn and Serpell had tussled for first place on the ladder in BSD 7 for most of the season, so here was the showdown.

After 4 sets the score was 2-all so the tension was building … for players and spectators alike.

However Serpell’s experience came to the fore and they took the next 2 sets to win the championship.

The South Hawks boys acquitted themselves well, perhaps next season will be theirs.

28/8/2013    Congratulations to our four teams taking part in Grand Finals this weekend.

Our Saturday BSD 16 team of Aaron D’Arcy, Nicholas Howard, Tom Hunt, Paul Morris, Nick O’Sullivan and Matthew Sango, had a great season finishing top of the ladder and have a date with destiny at home this Saturday.

Our GSD 2 team of Claire Bernabe, Hayley Chan, Sarah Louey and Yamina Perry, play East Camberwell away on Sunday.

Our GSD 3 team of Rebecca Furlan, Phoebe Gibson, Alyssa Marino, Lauren Wong and Rachel Wong take on Willison Park away.

Our BSD 7 team of Jacques El Helou, James Orelowitz, James Rankin, Joshua Salloum and Alexander Xing play Serpell at Serpell for their pennant.

All these teams have had good matches during the home and away season with their Grand Final opponents and we wish them luck on the weekend.

Thanks to our coaches, Sue Davey and Dylan Edgley who will be running special Grand Final practice sessions for the teams to make sure they are ready and focused for their matches.

18/4/13    The new season of Junior competition starts this weekend. We have 11 teams representing South Hawthorn with one Saturday boys team, 3 Sunday Boys teams, 4 Sunday girls teams and 3 Junior Development teams.

Thanks to Junior convenors Sue Davey and John Best, with help from John Corcoran and Dylan Edgley, who have done all the organising.

15/1/13    JDC competition is going from strength to strength at South Hawthorn with many of last years players progressing to regular competition teams and a new crop coming through. We caught up with some of the kids in the last round before the Holidays and got some great pictures of our teams.




26/11/12    Last season saw the introduction of Junior development Competition at South Hawthorn. JDC is an intitiative of Eastern Region Tennis and is a great introduction to competition tennis for young players. The South Hawthorn Committee has agreed that there will be no charge for JDC players, who must be members of the club. Seeing the kids play JDC is a revalation. You will not see more excited and eager tennis players anywhere.

Last season we had two teams play JDC for the club. Thanks to Gary Rankin for the following report on the Grand Final for our JDC green team.

Winter 2012 JDC Grand Final    Sunday 9th September 2012

A sunny early spring day provided the setting for the showdown between top of the ladder Box Hill and second place South Hawthorn Green.

The South Hawthorn Green team had a great season. The boys enjoyed playing together and their tennis skills developed as the season progressed.

For JDC, match day consists of 3 doubles sets, 8 games each. It’s a great introduction to junior tennis with a parent (or non-playing helper) from each team permitted to help the players with line calls and scoring. And JDC allows the server to be 1 or 2 steps inside the base line if desired.

The Green team had played Box Hill three times in the season with mixed results.

Their first match in round 2 delivered a win to South Hawthorn, 4 points to 1, games score 13 to 11. The round 7 rematch turned the tables with ½ to 4 ½ points,  game score 10 to 14 loss to the Green team. The round 12 match towards the end of the season was unfortunately pretty much a repeat of the round 7 match.

The Green Team had something to prove come grand final day. Box Hill had the upper hand during the season so the Grand Final match was a chance to set things right. Box Hill hosted the event and each Green Team player arrived at their courts early, eager to get on with the job.

James Rankin and Jacques El Helou got things underway. This normally reliable pairing struggled to find their best form but they never gave up. They finished the set a bit annoyed with themselves having lost 3-5.

James Rankin and Joshua Salloum paired up for the next set. They settled down quite well and kept the pressure on the opposition from the opening serve. Both boys played a strong game and didn’t let their opponents get many opportunities. The set was won by the Green Team 6-2.

With a set score of 1 each, George Batziakis and James Jones took to the court. They knew they had to play well to bring home the flag but they struggled to get into the match. The games seemed to be flashing by without their scoreboard marker moving. Then suddenly it clicked, the boys started getting their shots and pressure on the opposition mounted. Both boys played out the set like champions. Sadly there were not enough games left in the set and the Green team lost 2-6.

The end result was 11 games South Hawthorn to 13 games for Box Hill.The boys wanted a different result but they should be proud of themselves. They had a great season, they showed great skills, and they behaved like gentlemen.

Thanks to South Hawthorn Tennis Club for putting teams into the JDC. Thanks to the club Junior Convenor Brownyn for her guidance and assistance. A big thanks to the parents who got the players to the courts each Sunday morning.




10/3/12    The Summer season of Junior comp is drawing to a close, with Finals matches taking place over the next two weeks. Congratulations to all the teams that made the finals and thanks to all the juniors who played this season. Thank you also to the team managers who looked after teams this season. Thanks also to Junior Convenor Bronwyn Burgess who has done a fantastic job for the club.

21/7/11    Thank you to Jenny Donald who is stepping down from the role of Junior Convenor. Jenny has done a fantastic job for several seasons and has managed her role while working, raising 3 children and a husband and moving house twice.


The club is looking for volunteers to help with the running of Junior Competition, as the current committee’s children are no longer playing junior competition for the club.

John Best will be Junior Convenor until a replacement is found.

7/3/11    Congratulations to Kebbie Kirkcaldie-Bowell, who won the Kooyong 16’s doubles championship on the weekend. Kebbie continues to work as hard as anyone at the club on his tennis and it’s great to see the hard work paying off. Meanwhile congratulations to South Hawthorn member Will Kneale, who has qualified for the Victorian team in the Pizzy Cup, which is the National School’s team tennis championship. This years event will be held in Bendigo in the first week of May and is for a team of 8 schoolboys and 8 schoolgirls to play against teams from all states. Players play a series of qualifying events with the last 8 making the team. We look forward to reporting on the event and Will’s matches in particular.

31/1/11    Congratulations to South Hawthorn members who were ballkids at the Australian Open. Beattie Goad, Renee Sheary, Jade Sheary and Georgina Jupp all took part in this years event. Renee was selected to be on centre court for the Ferrer vs Murray semi final, while Jade was ballkid for the Women’s final and as the picture shows, Jade had her hands on the winners trophy at the end of the match. Jade is the second on the left of “Aussie Kim”. What an amazing experience.

If you would like to be a ball kid, you need to act fast. This year applications close on February 3rd. Don’t think……..Do!!!



16/1/11    Congratulations to Georgina Jupp and Felix Best who represented Eastern Region Tennis at the Daphne Fancutt regional challenge played at Doveton last weekend. The annual event run by Waverley Tennis, has teams from Queensland, and Junior pennant regions from Victoria playing singles and mixed doubles in 18’s 16’s and 14’s sections. Eastern region finished 2nd in the event, with Georgina winning all her singles matches and Felix winning 2 and losing 2 of his singles, while Felix and Georgina won 2 of 4 of their mixed matches. It is a great event to be involved in and a reward for our junior players who take part in junior competition in the higher sections of weekend competiton. It was great to see Daphne Fancutt ( a runner up at Wimbledon ) present the trophy to Waverley tennis and speak of her love of tennis and her comitment to mixed competition. Her good friend Lucy Hopman ( wife of Harry ) was also at the event and hopefully all the juniors will remember being involved and hearing from some of the legends of Australian tennis.

22/11/10    Congratulations to the Easterrn Region 16a girls Junior Pennant team who won the Grand Final of their

section last Sunday. Georgina Jupp playing at #2 won her rubber 6/4,6/1. At #3 Jade Sheary won her rubber 6/1, 6/4.

At #4 Renee Sheary won her rubber 7/5,7/6. Jade and Renee then won their doubles rubber 8/4, while Georgina and her partner Monica Nguyen lost their doubles in a tie breaker.

Eastern region won 4 rubbers to 2, 7 sets to 3, 61 games to 47, a very close result for a final.

Well done to the girls on a great season.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Georgina Jupp,   Renee Sheary, Monica Nguyen,  Jade Sheary

17/11/10    After the home and away matches of junior pennant, the Eastern region girls 16a team has finished well clear on top of the ladder. The team includes South Hawthorn members Renee Sheary, Jade Sheary and Georgina Jupp. They will play Waverley district in the final this weekend at Dendy Park. Renee Sheary has had a fantastic season winning 8 from 8 singles matches and is a chance to take the pennant player of the year for 16a’s. We wish them well in the final.

Meanwhile in the girls 16b’s Eastern region has finished second behind a very strong Western region team. South Hawthorn member Lucy Lechich has had a great first season in junior pennant and we wish her team well in their final. Lucy lost her match against her Western region opponent in a super tie breaker and since then has had two strong wins at #2 to finish the season.

In the boys 16c’s the Eastern region team had a bye in the last round and just finished 3rd out of the finals. Kebbie Kirkcaldie-Bowell finished the season 4 and 1 in third place overall.

9/11/10  With one round to go in State Junior pennant, we have some South Hawthorn members in a good position to play pennant finals, which is a fantastic achievment.

In boys 16C, Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell has lost just one match for the season and his team are on top of the ladder and may play off in the finals. Kebbie is #4 in the section out of 28 players and is a chance to win the player of the year for 16c’s.

In Girls 16a’s Renee Sheary is #2 in the section and should finish top two, which is a fantastic result in a statewide competition. Her ERT 16a team which includes Jade Sheary and Georgina Jupp from South Hawthorn, is well on top of the ladder and will play off for the 16a trophy. With 3 South Hawthorn members in the team it would be a great result for the club. All 3 girls are currently playing in open competition on Saturday afternoons in Eastern Region and enjoying the challenge of Open competition.

Meanwhile in Girl’s 16b’s Lucy Lechich is # 12 out of 26 players and her ERT team is 2nd on the ladder and a big chance to play off in the finals.

In 16a’s Felix Best has had some ups and downs with his Eastern region team finishing 4th in their section, but pennant has provided some fantastic competition which is the aim for all our junior players.

We wish all our members playing Junior pennant the best of luck in their finals and look forward to reporting on their achievments.

5/10/10   The Summer season of Junior competition starts this weekend. Best of luck to our 10 teams taking part and thanks to our junior committee for all their work in making it all possible. In particular thanks to Jenny Donald, Sue Davey and Andrea McNeil for all their work in preparation of rosters and organisation of teams. Thanks also to team Captains for their help. We look forward to a great season of tennis and hope that all our players improve their tennis and make new friends.

Best of luck to our Saturday GSD 1 team of Beattie Goad, Miranda Stuart, Jordanna Solomon, Grace Kerr and Annabelle Jones who will compete in the highest level of Junior competition in Eastern Region Tennis.

4/10/10    South Hawthorn junior teams take part in Eastern Region Tennis Competition. Across Victoria there are various regions that run junior competitions. For players from the highest levels of each region there is the opportunity to represent their region in state wide competitions. From September to November, Tennis Victoria runs Junior pennant competition and Eastern region fields teams for boys and girls, in various age groups. At present we have in Girls 16A, Georgina Jupp, Renee Sheary, Jade Sheary, in Girls 16B, Lucy Lechich, in Boys 16A Felix Best and in Boys 16C Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell. All of these juniors are playing well and improving their tennis by playing against the best players in the state. At other times during the year, Eastern region selects players to represent them in statewide and interstate competitions. South Hawthorn has had many players take part in these competitions and we look forward to reporting on the progress of South Hawthorn players in these events.

20/9/10     GSD 2 Sunday girls grand final.

It was an intense game, with scores incredibly close and the match came down to the last set.

The pressure was mounting and the rallies got longer. When the score reached 5 all it was anybody’s game. With determination, Miranda and Jordie won the next two games, sealing victory for South Hawthorn. It was a tough game for all, especially injured Beattie who pulled through and proved a vital part of the team. Everyone played extremely well and although we enjoyed it, everyone was very relieved when it was over and the anxious atmosphere could be lifted.

19/9/10 Congratulations to our Sunday BSD 5 team who won a very tight Grand Final against Hawthorn Tennis Club. Our team of Finn MacLennan , Ritchie Stuart, Chris   Davis, Nicholas Alexiou, Gerry McGrath and Alex Robinson, capped off a great season with a fighting 5 sets to 3 victory. The result went right down to the last sets with the boys winning both doubles matches to ensure a come from behind victory.


6/9/10    Congratulations to our Sunday GSD 4 team who won their semi final yesterday 6 sets to love. Sounds easy, but the match was a very close affair with the three singles matches going ;  6-4 to Laura Siddons, 7-6 to Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell and 6-4 to Lauren Bowe. Jemima Woolston played in the 2&3 doubles with Coco and they won their set 6-3. Congratulations to the girls and best of luck in the Grand Final next Sunday.

Our BSD 5 team had a tough match and won 5 sets to 3. After winning the first two doubles matches 6-1 they must have thought it would be an easy day. However Ritchie Stuart went down 6-3 and Chris Davis lost 6-7 to level the set scores. Stung by those losses Nicolas Alexiou won 7-5 and Finn MacLennan won 6-4 to put them back on track. Gerry MacGrath and Alex Robinson came in for the doubles and the team came through to win on sets and were well ahead on games.

2/9/10         It’s Finals time for Junior comp. This weekend sees the semi finals for the Winter season. Congratulations to our Saturday teams

BSD 8 who play Currawong at home. Good luck to our team of Joel Kaufman, Matthew Clearihan, Daniel Teperman, Daniel Clearihan and Aidan Cellini.

BSD 14 who play Parkwood away. Good luck to Rowan Solomon, Ryan Dossetor, Asher Jonas, Patrick McMillan and Sam Hermann.

GSD 2 who play St Kevins at home. Good luck to Beattie Goad, Miranda Stuart, Jordanna Solomon and Brittany Bainbridge.

Congratulations to our Sunday teams

BSD 5 who play North Balwyn at home. Good luck to Ritchie Stuart, Chris Davis, Nicholas Alexiou, Finn MacLennan, Gerry McGrath and Alex Robinson.

GSD 4 who play St Francis Xavier at home. Good luck to Laura Siddons, Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell, Lauren Bowe, Jemima Woolston and Julia Schwartz.

What a Nail Biter!


Boys 14 Saturday 31st July


First round    We arrived at the East Camberwell courts, the weather looking dismal.  Rowan and I played our first doubles against identical twins in intermittent drizzle. We played hard and came out with a win of 6-2 (Asher).

On a wet and cold Saturday, South Hawthorn came out ready to fight at the start of the game, it was starting to rain down but we pulled through. My first game was the 3 and 4 doubles. It was good fun but we were just too good. We had a lot of awesome shots and some thriller points. The final score was 6-love to us. It was a great win (Pat).



My opponent played really well but he was older and had a stronger serve. Even though we had just beaten him in the doubles he was a good singles player. He won 2-6 (Rowan).

I played one of my close friends in singles, so we both put our all into this match. It was intense. Each point was fought out in long rallies. Nearly every game went to at least 6 deuces. Unfortunately he had the better skills, I lost 2-6 (Asher).

Right from the beginning I could tell it was going to be a tough match. It went game for game until the final result ended up 5-7 with my opponent winning (Pat).

It was a very excited singles match. I was down 1-4. 
It was a very tuff comeback and the scores were locked at 4 all. With 
some amazing shots by my opponent he almost had it at 5-4 but just in 
the nick of time I had it locked up at deuce. There were many deuces 
but I just broke the dead lock and it was at 5-4 to me. The last game 
I just won with the scores 40-15 and won 6-4 



Final round

Pat and I played well as a double partnership. Our opponents both won their singles matches so they won strongly 1-6 (Rowan).

The doubles match was a very hard match with both sides producing 
great smashes. It was locked up at 3 all but fortunately we broke the 
dead lock and Asher and I ended up wining 6-3 (Sam).

Final Score: 4 sets all, 34 games all … what a nail biter!

Rowan Solomon, Asher Jonas, Pat McMillan and Sam Hermann

23/7/10    We are now into the second half of the season, so can see how our teams are going as we run down to the finals.

Our Saturday section 8 team, has some of our most experienced players, Joel Kaufman, Rowan Solomon, Matthew Clearihan, Daniel Clearihan, Aidan Cellini and Daniel Teperman. The boys are having a great season, currently just out of top spot on percentage and with only 2 points seperating the top four.

Meanwhile our section 14 team is well clear in fourth place and will be looking forward to a finals appearance.

Our less experienced boys from sections 19 and 22 are fighting hard, but finals appearances look unlikely.

Our Saturday Girls section 2 team is probably our stand out performer, sitting well clear on top of the ladder. Our team of Beattie Goad, Miranda Stuart, Jordana Solomon and Brittany Bainbridge have lost just one match for the season and will be looking forward to the finals and perhaps a tilt at section 1 in the Summer.

On Sundays our section 1 boys team are suffering a post Premiership loss of form and with some of the boys playing their last season of junior tennis it will take some good results to make the finals.

Our section 4 team is having a competitive season, but are well down the ladder, however our section 5 team is very strong and holding down 2nd spot. They took on the top team Hawthorn 2 weeks ago and won the first 2 sets, 7-6, 7-5, before the match was washed out. If they meet again in the final, it will be an absolute nail biter! Good luck to Ritchie Stuart, Christopher Davis, Nicholas Alexiou, Finn  Maclennan, Gerry McGrath and Alex Robinson, for the rest of the season.

Our other stand out team, is the girl’s section 3 team, currently well clear on top of their ladder. Annabel Lanyon, Amy Clearihan, Alice McNab and Isabel Kippen have lost just one match in the first half of the season against East Camberwell. In a great match last week the girls turned the tables on East Camberwell winning the day 4 sets to 2, with 2 sets going to tie breakers and 2 decided 7-5.

In a great match at number one Annabel Lanyon beat the very experienced Elli Zafiridis 7-5 after losing to her in the first match of the season.

Our other girls teams in sections 4 and 5 are doing really well, with the girls from section 4 in third place and section 5  just outside the 4.

4/6/10    BSD 14 team report.

BSD 14 team members are, Rowan Solomon. Asher Jonas, Ryan Dossetor, Patrick McMillan and Samuel Hermann.

Last Saturday South Hawthorn in 5th place, took on Koonung Park in 4th place. Asher Jonas reports.

It was a cold and drizzly morning. We weren’t sure if we were going to play. When they gave us the thumbs up, we were out there in a flash.

Sam and I played our doubles. Greythorn Park fought out each game well, but we came out winning the match 6-0. Rowan and Ryan had a much stronger opposition and unfortunately they lost 3- 6. In my singles I smashed my opponent 6-1. Ryan fought out a heated battle with his opponent and came out victorious, 6-3.  Rowan also served it up and won 6-1 and Sam continued our good form winning 6-1. Our second round of doubles was also successful for the team, Rowan and I played through for an easy win 6-0 and Ryan and Sam had some tight games but won 6-3.  Glad we didn’t get washed out. Well done boys, keep up the good work!

Asher Jonas, Team Captain BSD 14

29/4/10    The Winter season of junior competition kicks off this weekend.

The club will be fielding 11 teams this season, 5 on Saturdays and 6 on Sundays. We wish all our players good luck for the season and hope you improve your tennis and make many new friends.

6/4/10        Congratulations to Felix Best, Max Pearson and Jade Sheary who represented our club and Eastern Region Tennis at the Pat Pearce Shield in Adelaide over Easter. You can see photos of them in action in the Gallery section. The Pat Pearce shield is played every year between teams from Eastern region, Waverley District, Northern Suburbs and Tennis South Australia.

Teams of 5 players, in 13 and under and 15 and under, boys and girls, play singles and doubles rubbers. Players are generally chosen from Eastern Region Junior penant teams from the previous year.

21/3/10        Our section 1 girls and boys teams both won their Grand Final today bringing home our 3rd pennant for the season.

Playing at home our GSD 1 team came up against Blackburn in the final match of the season.

Our girls were excited and nervous, after making it to their first Grand Final for a number of seasons.

Lucy Lechich ( our new Bascomb trophy winner ) and Laura Hupert played well at number 2 and 3 respectively, winning all their sets convincingly 6-0. Miranda Stuart played well at number 4, for the last doubles match, winning 6-1 with Caitlin Kennedy, who lost 5-7 in a close singles match.

The final score was South Hawthorn 5 sets, 35 games to Blackburn 1 set, 8 games.

The girls have been undefeated all season, playing very consistently each week and were very excited with their Grand Final win.

Caitlin Kennedy.

Meanwhile at Greythorn Park our BSD 1 boys were having a mighty struggle to win their match.


The boys split their first 2 doubles sets, then  Felix Best and Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell won their singles sets, while Max Pearson and Justin Van Nierop ( our new Don Mann trophy winner ) went down to a strong #3 and 4 from Greythorn Park. Well ahead on games, we needed to win one of the last 2 doubles sets to win the day. Kebbie and Michael Baini went down in their set, but Felix and Max won their set 6-4 to give us the victory.

It was a fantastic team effort and it was our fighting losses and strong wins, that gave us enough games to win the day, 4 sets all, 38 games to 33.


20/3/10    Congratulations to our Saturday GSD 1 team of Georgina Jupp, Jade Sheary, Renee Sheary and Beattie Goad on winning the Grand Final this morning.

After dominating all year they completed the seaon with an emphatic 6 sets to 0 victory over Healesville. The girls played a very high standard of tennis and both teams were perfect examples of  good behaviour and fair play. Well done to our girls.



17/3/10    It seems like a long way off, but it’s time to think about the Australian Open 2011.

South Hawthorn has had many members participate in the ball kids program at the Australian Open. It’s great fun and you get to see some fantastic tennis, up close. You need to send in an application then attend a series of trials and practice sessions. We highly recommend you give it a go.

MLC Ballkid applications are open from 22 – 31 March 2010. Go to the web site www.australianopen.com.au for more information.


15/3/10    What an exciting weekend of semi finals! We had 3 teams qualify for a place in next weekend’s Grand Finals and had some incredibly close calls in the others.

Saturday started well with our GSD 1 team getting through convincingly over Koonung Park.  Renee Sheary was a last minute withdrawal through injury, though she still ,managed to play in one doubles set.  Beattie Goad took Renee’s place and played really well to help qualify the team for the Grand Final. Georgina Jupp and Jade Sheary continued their dominant seasons winning their singles and doubles matches. Best of luck to all four girls in the Final on Saturday.

On Sunday our GSD 1 team played Bulleen Blue at Borondarra. Our girls just “snuck” through 6 sets to 0, 36 games to 6!!!

Caitlin Kennedy, Lucy Lechich, Laura Hupert and Miranda Stuart were fantastic in continuing their undefeated season and will start hot favourites in Sundays final.

Meanwhile at Bulleen our BSD 1 team won their match 7 sets to 1, to advance to the final. The omens were good when the opposition arrived at the courts and said “Oh my God not these guys”! Our guys, Felix Best, Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell, Max Pearson, Justin Van Nierop and Michael Baini, played a great match and will be desperate to win next weeks final.

Unfortunately in the other semis it was a case of what could have been.

Our BSD 5 team went in undermanned and despite a great effort went down to top team St Francis Xavier 6 sets to 2. Well done to Will McNab, Matt Clearihan, Ben Smart and Paul Furlan, David Cochrane Davis and Mark Furlan.

Section 6 has been an exciting one for the club all season with our 2 teams finishing first and second. Unfortunately both teams came down at the final hurdle and missed out on the Grand Final. The green team lost to Royal South Yarra, 5 sets to 3 in their semi. Oliver Stella, Aidan Cellini, Ritchie Stuart, Tim Woolley, Alistair Graham and Nicholas Alexiou just missed out after a great season.

Our Blue team went even closer! After finishing the season on top of the ladder they lost the semi final to Doncaster by just 1 game!!!!!! The Blues have had a season of close finishes and exciting matches culminating what will forever be known as the “Doncaster disaster” What a valiant effort by Daniel Clearihan, Gianni Marzella, Jamieson Wong, Oliver Goad, Jamie Hupert and Asher Jonas.

Finally our BSD 8 team took on Willison Park and went down in another close match 5 sets to 3, 33 games to 36. Commiserations to Patrick McMillan, Finn MacLennan, Ryan Dossetor, James McNab, Max Curtis and Bradley Sobol.

Good luck to our 3 section 1 teams in the Grand Finals.




12/3/10   Reynolds Racquets sponsor a “Medallions of Excellence” League Table based on the home/away scores of the Summer 2010 season, both Senior and Junior players are eligible.

The top five players are awarded a medallion and Reynolds Gift Voucher to the value of $25and a a SportZstats hand held counter. This season South Hawthorn have had 3 players in the top twenty, all from our Saturday GSD 1 team. Congratulations to Georgina Jupp who finished top of the table playing at the #1 position in that team.

You can see the results at the following link  www.ertinc.org.au/index.html


Congratulations to the following players who featured in the table of excellence.

#1        Georgina Jupp        Saturday GSD 1

#8         Jade Sheary          Saturday GSD 1

#20       Renee Sheary        Saturday GSD 1

#27       Caitlin Kennedy     Sunday   GSD 1

#34       Lucy Lechich         Sunday   GSD 1

#108     Annabel Lanyon     Sunday   GSD 3

#133     Miranda Stuart       Sunday   GSD 1


1/3/10  The Summer home and away season is now finished and we look forward to some exciting finals matches in the coming weeks. We would like to thank all our players, for representing the club and hope you have made new friends and improved your tennis.

Congratulations to our 2 section 1 girls teams from Saturday and Sunday competition. Both teams were undefeated for the season, a fantastic achievment.

In the Saturday team, Georgina Jupp went through the whole season without losing a set, while Jade and Renee Sheary only lost 1 singles set each.

In the Sunday team, Caitlin Kennedy went undefeated at the #1 spot, while Lucy Lechich was also undefeated and Miranda Stuart only lost 1 singles.

In GSD 3 congratulations to Annabel Lanyon, who went undefeated in singles for the year.

Our BSD 1 boys team held on for 4th place and with all their players available, they are confident of playing well in the finals. Felix Best went undefeated in singles.

In BSD 6 our 2 teams finished first and second, with some very exciting tustles through the season. Our Green team spent much of the season on top of the ladder, while the Blue team went as low as fifth before a fantstic run of victories saw them overtake the greens to go top, in the last match of the season. With any luck, they will both progress to the Grand Final and sort out once and for all, the dominant colour!!!

In BSD 8 Ryan Dossetor had a great season going undefeated in singles.

19/2/10  Good Luck to Max Pearson who is playing in the 12 and under National Championships in Mildura this week.  Only the top players from around Australia qualify to play the nationals and we hope Max has a great tournament.

Congratulations also to Max, Jade Sheary and Felix Best who have been selected in the Eastern Region team to play in the Pat Pearce shield in Adelaide over Easter.

11/2/10    We are back and have just 3 weeks till the finals. We have 8 teams in the four and looking to play finals. Thegirls from section GSD 3 are second on the ladder. Thanks to Bruce Lanyon, for photos of the girls which are up in the Gallery section of the web site. They had a great win on the weekend with Lauren Louey winning 6-0, Amy Clearihan winning 7-5 and Alice McNab winning 6-2.

Well done also to the boys from BSD 8 who are currently 3rd on the ladder. They won 4 sets all, 40 games to 38.

Ryan Dossetor had a 6-0 win in his singles and the boys, Patrick McMillan, Finn MacLennan and Brad Sobol, won both their final doubles sets to get up on the day, in a very tight finish.

1/2/10    Congratulations to Max Pearson on winning the under 12 section of the Mt Gambier Age Champioships. Well done also to Harley Pearson who won the under 16 section. It’s been fantastic to see some South Hawthorn players taking part in tournaments around Victoria during the school holidays. Jack Kneale, Felix Best, Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell and Max and Harley Pearson have all improved their tennis by taking part. There will be more tournaments during the year, with Eastern region running a fantastic tournament over Easter. It is easy to enter on line at www.ertinc.org.au

18/12/09   As we break for the holidays we have several teams in a great position, coming into the business end of the competition. The Section 1 girls on Saturday and Sunday lead the way, both dominating their sections. Fresh from being awarded scholarships to Kooyong Tennis Club, Renee and Jade Sheary are having great seasons in Saturday GSD 1, while Caitlin Kennedy, Laura Hupert, Miranda Stuart and Lucy Lechich are well clear in the Sunday comp.

Look out also for our 2 teams in BSD 6, on track to meet each other in the finals. They played each other last week, with an extremely close match going right to the wire, with our green team winning 5 sets to 3, 36 games to 35. The last 2 sets of doubles went to tie breakers! This is the section to watch in the new year. Jamie Hupert in BSD 6 Blue is having a break out season, with strong wins in his last 2 matches.

Sunday section 5 could be a sleeper, with David Cochrane Davis undefeated and Matt Clearihan with just 1 loss, look for a strong finish and Finals performance from this team. They will form the basis of our next section 1 team.

Also our BSD 1 team has much to prove if it is to make the Grand Final, with a very strong team. After a strong win last week, they should be back in the 4 and will be looking to continued good form from Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell to help them through to the Finals. Justin Van Nierop has been the backbone of this team for 3 seasons and will be keen to play in another premiership team, while Felix Best, Max Pearson and Michael Baini will be hoping to play in their first premiership team.

29/11/09   Our boy’s  BSD 1 team had a great win today, against the top team Greythorn Park. With several of our team members back from Junior Pennant duties, Felix Best, Max Pearson, Kebbie Kirkcaldie Bowell and Charlie Joubert overcame the top team to solidify a spot in the top 4. Greythorn Park pushed us all the way, but in the end our near full strength team have given them something to think about, as we go into the second half of the season.

Meanwhile, our girls section 1 teams are dominating on Saturday and Sunday, with victories this week, leaving them both undefeated after the first half of the season. In our Sunday team, Miranda Stuart has only lost 4 games for the season, with all 4 girls ( Caitlin Kennedy, Laura Hupert, Lucy Lechich ) contributing to a very strong team.

In the Showdown between our two GSD 5 teams, we had to call on a couple of emergencies with our Green team coming out victorious. Laura Siddons continued her good form, having lost only 1 match for the season.

BSD 5 had a big victory over North Balwyn Green, David Cochrane-Davis leading the way with a 6-2 victory in the #1 spot.

BSD 6 Blue had a close win over St Francis Xavier, continuing their rise up the ladder. Asher Jonas having another strong result winning 6-1.


After having only 1 team in the Grand Final last season, we are hopeful that we can have some teams go all the way to pennants in the new year.


26/11/09  The Junior Committee would like to welcome our new Junior Convenor Jenny Donald. We would like to thank Jenny for taking on this role and hope we can support her in developing a great program for the South Hawks.

We would also like to thank Sylvia Stuart for her fantastic efforts as the outgoing Junior Convenor. She has helped to build a strong foundation for the Junior Committee and to run a Junior Program with depth and quality. Thank you Sylvia.


18/11/09    BSD 6 Blue had a heartbreak finish in the first week going down 5 sets to 3 but 41 games all. After 4 weeks they found themselves just outside the 4, taking on the 2nd placed RSY team. Dan Clearihan sent us this report.

Match Report 15th Novemeber 2009

BSD 6 Blue played Royal South Yarra on Sunday 15th November at South Yarra.

When we arrived we got ready and played our first doubles matches. Asher Jonas and Jamie Hupert had a great win first up, 6-2. Gianni Marzella and I struggled at the start of our set being down 5-3, then came back winning in a tie-breaker 7-6 (7-5).

Then we played our singles. Jamie had a tough one and lost 6-0. Asher played a marathon set lasting an hour and won 6-4. Gianni had a good win, 6-2 and unfortunately I lost in a tight one 6-4.

Going into the last sets we needed to win at least one of them to win the day. Jamie and I were first to play and went down 6-2. It was up to Asher and Gianni to do well to give us the win. Asher and Gianni fought hard in a very tight set which finished in another tie-breaker. They held it together and won a tough set 7-6 (7-5) giving us a win against the second top team 5 sets to 3, 39 games all.  It was great morning of tennis for us all.

By Dan Clearihan

Doesn’t get closer than that!!! Go Blues.

11/11/09        We are now 4 weeks into the season and we are getting a feel for the progress of our teams. We have 4 teams on top of the ladder, Saturday GSD 1, Sunday GSD 1, Sunday GSD 3 and Sunday BSD 6 green.

The Saturday GSD 1 team is playing in the top level of Eastern Region Junior Comp and is yet to lose a match. Georgina Jupp, Renee Sheary and Jade Sheary are playing great tennis and setting the standard in their section. Last weekend, Beattie Goad filled in for Georgina and had a great day winning all 3 of her sets.

The girls of Sunday GSD 3 are also having a great start to the season, with Annabel Lanyon leading the way undefeated in her 3 matches. Lauren Louey, Amy Clearihan, Alice McNab and Pip Pyman are all doing well, helping keep their team at the top of the ladder.

Check out the ladders and results at www.ertinc.org.au