Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrole for coaching?

You’ll find everything you need on our coaching page

Are there group lessons?

Absolutely – more details on our coaching page.

Do we have to pay to use lights / how much / how do we pay?

Yes.  To turn on the lights you need an electronic access card.  The cost is billed to your account at $10 per hour.  Invoices are issued on a regular basis.

Can I bring a visitor to play / can we play regularly?

Sure, however if you find they are playing regularly we would ask that they join as a member.

Is there a charge for visitors / How much / where do I pay

Yes there is.  Please contact us for more information.

how do I book a court / can i make a regular booking

Courts are booked using our online booking system.  You can make a regular booking, but each one needs to be entered manually. 

If you can’t make your booking or no longer need it, please make sure you delete the booking with as much notice to other members as possible.

Is there social play / how can I find someone to play with

Please contact us and we will see how we can help

How do I join a night team

You can find details about our night competition here.

What standard do I need to be to play in a night team

The competition is divided into sections, and they cover pretty much any standard.

More details can be found here.

I have 3 friends, can we join and form a new team

Most competition teams require 4 players per night, and it is a good idea to have a few subs so you don’t have to forfeit.

Entering a team is subject to availability.  

If you are new to night comp, it can be easier to sub for an existing team until you get to know the process, and then form your own team at some point in the future.

Is there weekend competition

Check out the details here

Can I book the clubhouse for a function / do I need to be a member to book the clubhouse / can I serve alcohol / can I have music

The clubhouse is currently not available for private bookings/functions. 

How do I join the club

It’s dead easy.  You can become a member online right now by going here.

How do I get my access card replaced

Send am email to

Do I get a discount if I join in the middle of the year

Our new membership system allows you to join at any time for 12 months. 

You will be billed automatically on the anniversary of joining, and can cancel or change your membership at any time by logging into this website and going to “Account” on the menu.

How do I find out about junior competition

Visit here

Do you have to join the club to play junior/night competition

Yes.  If you are only subbing for the odd game then it’s not necessary, however to play in finals you must be a member.

We do ask that if you are playing regularly that you become a member.