Dear SHTC member,

Our Club is operating under Tennis Victoria guidelines and with the permission of the City of Boroondara, who lease the property to us. The requirements for our continued operation now include:

• 2 people per court only (with the exception of families or those living in the same household – maximum up to 4 per court). Reminder that the courts are for MEMBERS only.

• Coaching is limited to 2 people per court plus the coach

• At any time (excluding coaches) there can only be a TOTAL of
10 players across Courts 1 to 4 and
6 players in Courts 5 and 6

As a result of these requirements, your committee confirms that it is essential to book a court before coming to the club and include details of all players in the booking.

To Book
• On request using the courts booking system calendar, to do your own booking on website prior to coming to the courts
• Book 1 court if you are a family of 4 having a hit

Peak times to avoid:
• Our busiest times are Monday to Thursday afternoons 4.00pm to 7.00pm so best to
avoid them.
• Also weekend afternoons are busy with social tennis, so avoid them if you can.

We do not make these rules – we are complying with rules set down by Tennis Australia and the Boroondara City Council, who is our landlord. The council must look after public health and they can shut us down at any time, if we do not comply with these directions.

If you are found to be not complying with these requirements, your membership may be suspended without notice.

SHTC Committee