Dear SHTC member,

Our landlord – Boroondara City Council – set out the following QR Code recording actions & requirements:

If the following registration QR Coding requirements are not followed by all members and their visitors, the Council can take action to close our facilities at any time without notice.

Please note that the requirements for QR code check-in applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. We have had one month’s grace period to get our system up and running, and we now require members to support the club by using the system when they are onsite. Council have directed that people attending a facility or event for more than 15 minutes must register using the QR Code system, regardless of age. This includes players, staff, volunteers and spectators.

Parents/guardians can check-in on behalf of a child or children. The children do not need to be checked-in separately. Unaccompanied juniors are required to check-in themselves.
Although restrictions continue to ease, it is important to note that the requirements for electronic record keeping have actually increased. Council have asked us to ensure that members and visitors are reminded and encouraged to check-in via the QR code service. It is easy for people to forget or assume that it is no longer required, as things return to ‘normal’.

The system is in place (using GuestTrack QR Code) so please support your club and your fellow members.

GuestTrack QR Code Information:


SHTC Committee Notice – 25th April 2021