Dear SHTC member,

As at 11.59pm on Wednesday the 22nd July 2020 it is a requirement directed by the Chief Health Officer of Victoria that all people going outside of their homes are required to wear a mask. This is in the interest of the safety of every Victorian to help reduce the spread of the Corona Virus.

For tennis clubs these new guidelines mean:

• Everyone must wear a mask before and after taking part in a sporting activity
• If your sport does not involve jogging or running you must wear a mask at all times
• If your sport involves running (eg tennis) you do not need to wear a mask, but must have one with you and wear it when you finish exercising

As you’re all aware, this is a rapidly evolving situation and things may well change in the near future. We will provide more information as it becomes available and ask for your continued support in protecting the community during these un-precented times.

Kind regards,

South Hawthorn Tennis Club