With the slight change in formats (round-robin) and more importantly, for all to make themselves available over the weekends, we were able to complete all 3 comps within a month (compared to over 2 months in previous years).

Thanks to all for taking part in the comp, with special mention to the *fans* who came to watch, to Pierre for organising the bbq, Jeff Greening for doing the presentations and Rod Bernabe for organising the Championships.

Winners for 2019 were:

Men’s Singles – Rod Bernabe over Willy Kosasih (6-2/6-4)
Women’s Singles – Mel Wundersitz over Brenda Gao (7-6/7-5)
Men’s Doubles – Dylan Edgley and Sam Cohen over Rod Bernabe and Willy Kosasih (7-5, 6-2)

For more information on matches look at our competition page here.

We look forward to seeing you all (and more!) next year.